The mighty Northburn 100 tested athletes endurance, stamina and abilities over the weekend with 50km, 100km and 160km  races covering a 10 000m vertical gain to challenge the fittest of the fit.

A big highlight of the event was seeing local man Glen Christiansen cross the finish line in 32 hours and 52 minutes after taking on the 160km event.

The final competitor across the line was Lynn Bosworth at 47 hours and 24 minutes.

The 11th annual Northburn 100 welcomed 89 kids in the 2km fun run and Highland Events  race director Terry Davis is pleased with the way inwhich the entire challenge went.

“It’s not easy, and the Northburn 100 is known as one to conquer.

If you can conquer it, you can conquer anything; you’ve got to have your head in the game, mentally physically and emotionally.”

Terry would like to thank volunteers for the hours many put in to keep competitors safe and on the right track.

“Participants truly appreciate the work of our volunteers, and it’s not always fun sitting on the side of a mountain in the middle of the night for hours on end,” he adds.

160km Male

1st Louis Schindler 23hours 59 minutes and 21 seconds

2nd Andrew McDowell 24 hours 48 minutes and 16 seconds

3rd Chris Taylor 25 hours 47 minutes and 08 seconds

160km Female

1st Azumi Konoka 1st 26 hours 08 minutes and 43 seconds

2nd Jean Beaumont 26 hours 16 minutes and 35 seconds

3rd Tania Miller 26 hours 37 minutes and 21 seconds

100km Male

1st Lewis Latham

2nd Jared Reynolds

3rd Jonny Almario

100km Female

1st Sarah Healy

2nd Sarah Grimes

3rd Pauline Grice

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