The Clyde Dam and Hydroelectric Power Station is 29 years old this month.

April 22, 1992 marks the start of filling Lake Dunstan, along with the beginning of construction which began in 1977, 42 years ago.

It would be two more years before the dam was officially opened on April 23, 1994.

The dam used the labour of over 1,000 workers, most of them based in Cromwell during the construction period.

The 1980s were a busy time and during the construction phase of the Dam, many changes took place in Cromwell.

A new town centre was formed, creating the Mall as the new retail and service area, the bridge was moved to accommodate the new town centre, and much of the town was rebuilt on higher land to make space for Lake Dunstan.

Many homes and orchards were flooded during the changes, making way for newer homes while leaving a few of the older homes in place.

The historic precinct in Old Cromwell Town now gives visitors and locals a taste of a Cromwell in days gone by.

The lake formed by the dam, Lake Dunstan is 26.4 square kilometres in size.

It is regularly used for water-skiing, boating, canoeing and may other recreational activities and is enjoyed by both visitors and locals alike.

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