The Cromwell Cultural Centre Trust was set up for the ‘sole purpose of delivering for Cromwell a State-of-the Art Community Cultural Centre that would be fit for purpose, not for the community as it was many years ago, and not even for how the community presently is, but for its foreseeable future’.

However, trust members say that their hopes and vision for a ‘future-proof’ civic centre are evaporating, in the light of the Central Otago District Council’s release of its Long-term Plan.  They also say that the Cromwell Community Board has let locals down.

“Tragically, this has yet to receive the formal support that it should receive from our own CCB,” say the Trust in a public statement, adding, “For over 20 years this topic has been a political football, while other communities have simply got on with the job.”

Trust members are concerned that, although the Master Plan cost ratepayers approximately $1.5 million, the results are being given little or no consideration, in spite of 86% of the community saying ‘Yes” to a State-of-the-Art Cultural Centre.

Local residents have till Sunday 25 April to send submissions to CODC on this.  To bring the issues before the community, the Trust is holding a public meeting this Wednesday, 14 April, at 7 pm in the Lowburn Hall.

On the agenda are speakers Robin Dicey, Cromwell Community Board member, together with Balclutha and Tapanui Trust representatives, who will speak on how they had a vision and got an outcome for their communities.

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