Cromwell Youth Trust (CYT) is pleased to welcome their newest member to the team.

Fran Dustin has recently  joined  Eden Wilson  and Rhys Smith as a Youth Worker helping Cromwell’s young people get the most out of everyday life.

Fran is implementing CYT’s new Te Toki o te Ara Tutuki (Te Are for short) initiative which is group based mentoring designed to create skills leading to self confidence, positive decision making as well as goal setting and outdoor pursuits. This pilot programme was designed by CYT Youth Workers, and is supported by Cromwell College, due to the increasing needs and demand of wellbeing support for youth throughout the community.

Having come from a background in teaching and having the hometown  advantage by having been a student at Cromwell College in the past, Fran is passionate about seeing young people take the opportunities available to them within the community while creating  the confidence required to pursue  goals and hit new achievements.

“Having been hit hard with COVID-19 while living in Ireland, I knew it was time for me to return to New Zealand.

“The decision to work with Cromwell’s youth resonated with me,  creating a path to recovery after a rather hard time.” Fran explains.

The first term of the year has been spent establishing relationships with  nine youth signed on to take part in Te Ara program, which translates to “Pathway to Achievement” in english.

Those nine individuals will carry through to term two honing the skills and disciplines learned in term one, while a new group of young people will begin the program in term two.

Fran is enjoying being a part of Cromwell Youth Trust and helping creating positive youth development opportunities within the lives of Cromwell’s young people and is passionate about driving the new program forward as she works to  assist young people in the community to set goals and  smash goals all while developing social skills and confidence.

As the new Youth Worker Fran is also enjoying meeting new people and building relationships with the young people in the community.

“I am  working with a small group of youth and it’s an incredible and rewarding place to be.

“I’m enjoying seeing their confidence grow and seeing them work toward their different goals and challenges,” she adds.

Rhys and Eden are thrilled to have Fran on-board and look forward to seeing her own achievements through the implementation of the Te Toki o te Ara Tutuki program.

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