A scheduled day last Tuesday saw a group of Cromwell’s young people come together alongside the Mokihi Reforestation Trust to help give back to the community.

Youth took the opportunity to work alongside the trust as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the incredible support Cromwell Youth Trust consistently receives from the Cromwell community.

“Each school holiday break we look for ways of spending some time in the community to give back to Cromwell.

“It’s surprising how the kids get behind the idea and look forward to giving service where they are able,’ explains Youth worker Eden Wilson.

The kids watered plants and trees along Richard’s Beach Road, they dug holes and planted trees and flaxes, with the promise of continuing to care for the plants as they mature.

From 11.30am through to 3pm the group of enthusiastic kids showed up to prove they chose to get out there and help out.

“We had an amazing turnout and I felt very proud to see the hard work and determination shown by these kids who could have easily stayed at home during their holiday break.

“They seemed to truly understand the importance of giving back, they are a great bunch of young people and I was very proud to see the efforts they all put in.”

Eden is now thinking about ideas for the next school holidays, and ways inwhich youth can again give back and acknowledge the support from the Cromwell community.

Amigos Mexican Grill Restaurant are keen supporters of the Cromwell Youth Trust and each Tuesday cater taco’s  for the kids.

Next Wednesday and Thursday evening six young people will again take over the restaurant and run the front of house gaining important skills through working in the restaurant to provide the community with a great night out.

Taking over Amigos is always popular, it gives the kids an opportunity to taste the hospitality and restaurant industry while entertaining locals.

“We are inncredibly lucky in Cromwell to enjoy the support we do and being able to service the community in any way we can is very important to us,’ she adds.

The Cromwell Youth welcome guests to Amigos next Wednesday and Thursday evening and encourage those wishing to attend to book early by calling Amigos on 03 445 8263.

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