Sue Rutherford’s work again features a captivating delight of colour and texture, in her new exhibition, currently showing at Hullabaloo Art Space.

“This exhibition is all about the glazes,” says Sue, adding that Tidelines was inspired by the colours and textures she found while exploring the shoreline of Southland, New Zealand.

The concept of sand, seafoam and waves, captured in ‘glorious glaze magic’ appear in some of the works, while others bring to life the sea creatures and the sea itself.

Born in the Midland in England, Sue completed a Fine Arts degree, specialising in ceramics, in Nottingham.  Her extensive travel eventually led her to Hawea, where she has a studio and small gallery.  She has been a long-time member of the Hullabaloo family.

Sue enjoys the energy that coms with exploring new ideas and being entirely engrossed by the slow and meditative process of hand-building.  The vessels are constructed using coils and slabs of stoneware clay.  Manipulated walls form a canvas on which layer upon layer of slip and glaze, oxide and stain, is applied with a brush, so that each piece is unique.

“I am inspired by geological effects, looking at how landforms and patterns in nature has always fascinated me.” says Sue, adding, “Central to my work is an appreciation of natural form and landscape, a love of colour and of clay itself.”

The Tidelines exhibition runs from 2 to 30 May at Hullabaloo Art Space, Cromwell Heritage Precinct.

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