Forage Cafe, at The Gate, is the venue for an information evening which may restore locals’ confidence as the bubble opens up to international travel.

The evening is being hosted by Debbie Bradford, of The Private Travel Company, Cromwell.  She has organised speakers from Air New Zealand, Ponant Cruise Company and Inspired Tours, to join The Gate manager, Glen Richardson, and Debbie for the event.

“I want to ensure that locals have the opportunity to gain accurate, up-to-date information on the current situation, and for them to understand the policies and procedures that have been put in place to protect the health and safety of passengers and their destinations,” says Debbie.

Topics covered will include the protocols, safety, security and health measures to protect travellers and crew on airlines, cruise ships and tours.  Travel insurance coverage for COVID-19, and the need to have the right insurance to cover some COVID situations will be addressed.

A new health framework, worked in collaboration with governments, ports, health advisors and other industry-initiated expert groups around the world, has set a high bar for the initial resumption, the aim of which is to convey clear commitment to protecting health.

Debbie says that airport check-in staff will no longer assist with incorrect documentation.  She stresses the importance of having some-one at the end of the phone to re-arrange, make amendments and give up-to-date advice.

The information evening starts at 6 pm on Monday, 10 May and is free. People are welcome to purchase a drink from the Five Stags and bring it through to Forage.  Bring your questions and concerns too, because this is your chance to have them addressed face-to-face with the experts from the travel industry.

Further information contact Debbie: 0800 800 807;

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