Ida Valley prepares for final Brass Monkey Rally

The cold Ida Valley is ready to welcome bike enthusiasts from all-over this coming weekend as the 40th and final Brass Monkey Rally takes place.

Flooding in Canterbury could change some plans, but organisers are expecting a big crowd for the final shindig in the valley.

Hosted by the Otago Motorcycle Club, the 40th and final rally was postponed last year due to the Covid-19 restrictions, making this year’s event worth the wait.

Between 1500 – 2000 motorcycles are expected to arrive in the valley on Saturday to celebrate, and organisers remind those coming to take into account the colder weather conditions.

Each year the Otago Motorcycle Club organises the event with the help of local volunteers from the Ida Valley region.

The Oturehua Winter Sports Club does a fantastic job, and this year the club will be in force as they prepare to help host the rally of riders to the valley.

Entertainment, hot soup and an opportunity to spend the weekend with likeminded motorcycle enthusiasts is whole-heatedly welcomed by riders and event organisers after having to give up the long weekend annual event last year.

Fireworks, a bonfire and live music line-up set to feature the Jordan Luck Band on Saturday evening that is sure to rock the leather clad crowd braving winter conditions in the heart of Central Otago.

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