Garry Morton, Cromwell Building Contractors, and his team which included builders from Breen’s Construction donating time to this community fundraising project, have been busy. There is so much to do during this stage, including getting the ceiling ready for jib and battens on the outside ready for the cladding.  Most of what Garry’s team complete has to be inspected by Council. Garry has an eye for detail. This has ensured that all Council inspections have past.   

Ryan and his team from Otago Electrical Services ensured all wiring in the house for lights, plugs, fans, heating, kitchen or bathroom appliances, TV and other telecommunication have been installed.    

Not Just Plumbing finished all pre-plumbing work to ensure the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, toilets and outside taps have been installed using products supplied by Oakleys Plumbing Supplies & Bathroom Solutions.

PinkFit installed the Pink Batts.

Doreen Evans was looking forward to Saturday when PinkFit, Central Otago were arriving to install the pink batts supplied by Tasman Insulation Limited. They must have known she would be wanting to video them in action. Wanting to avoid that they installed the whole house, ceiling and walls, with batts on Friday. Doreen was gutted to miss the PinkFit team in action. However, she was very impressed with the very tidy job delivered ahead of schedule.  Legends!

This week Placemakers will deliver the jib so David Holden and the Versatile Homes team can install it. Doreen was impressed to see Versatile have two female apprentices adding girl power to this project. 

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