Lot 47

Lot 47 is a project spearheaded by Rotary Club of Cromwell and Cromwell Lions Clubs.

However, this is truly a home that the community is building. Rotary and Lions have been amazed at the support that the business community have offered and delivered on. Doreen Evans loves that about Cromwell – how positive and supportive this community is. She said it is an honour to be working alongside so many businesses to turn this fundraising idea into reality. Proceeds will be donated to St John Cromwell to assist with funding their new Ambulance Station.

Horne Plastering and JP Plastering have finished the jib stopping and Independent Doors Limited have delivered the interior doors to Lot 47. Independent Doors Limited worked with:

• Hallmark Group to supply Coromandel interior doors from their hallmark classic collections.

• CS For Doors to supply a cavity sliding door.

• Park Wood Doors to supply a 2260 x 1300 Stain Quality Cedar AR44 barn door.

Dave Holden and his team from Versatile Cromwell will be installing the doors this week.  Once the skirting is installed the house will be ready for the painting team to take over.  

This week Extreme Roofing are installing the flashings, manufactured by Roofing Industries, around the windows. They will then measure and order Roofing Industries’ True Oak corrugated iron cladding. Doreen can’t wait to see the cladding start to be installed by Extreme Roofing. She said that Roofing Industries and Extreme Roofing have been major supporters of this fundraising project. Their staff have been friendly, enthusiastic, and very professional. They have been amazing to work with on this project.

St John Cromwell would like to thank everyone who has been or will be involved in this project by hosting you at a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the new Cromwell Ambulance Station on Friday 30 July from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Come and hear from St John, have a tour and morning tea to celebrate the new Ambulance Station that you have helped make possible. RSVP to Southisland.fundraising@stjohn.org.nz so they have numbers for catering.

Follow “Lot 47 – Cromwell Community Project” on Facebook or check out the website “Lot47.co.nz” or ring Doreen Evans 027 277 0972 or doreen.evans@awslegal.co.nz

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