Jib is on

Lot 47 Cromwell Community Project lead by Rotary Club of Cromwell and Lions Clubs is speeding ahead with the amazing support this project has been receiving from so many businesses in the community.  This is truly a home that the community is building. 

On Monday Council signed off the insulation as well as a number of other things.  This meant the house could be jibbed. Doreen Evans and Paula Jackson overruled Les Topping to ensure silencer batts were installed along the hallway to the master bedroom and around the middle bedroom which has a bathroom on each side. Rotarian, Craig Lunn and Lions member, Wayne Collie installed them first thing Tuesday morning so installing the silencer batts didn’t hold up the jib going on.   

PlaceMakers delivered the jib to Lot 47 on Tuesday morning. A large team from Versatile Homes, led by Dave Holden, supported by builders from O’Callaghan & Walker Builders, John Searle and Marty erected the ceiling jib and made a start on the walls. Les Topping said it was amazing to watch so many experienced builders working together to jib the whole house in two days.

Rob Horne of Horne Plastering, Jay Paranihi and Damion plus 2 others from Superior Interiors have completed the first stopping coat and taped the joints. The external cladding may not be on as yet, but the inside of the house is roaring ahead. Les placed a call to the painting team to let them know they will be up in a few weeks at the pace this house is being built.    

Central Campus have agreed to build the stone wall with stone kindly donated by Wanaka Stone. Awesome!

Follow Lot 47 – Cromwell Community Project on Facebook or check out the website “Lot47.co.nz” or ring Doreen Evans 027 277 0972 or doreen.evans@awslegal.co.nz

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