Josh Jones Concert

Thanks to the generosity of a Central Otago anonymous benefactor, the Cromwell Community will get an opportunity to experience ‘The Spirituality of Music’billed as ‘A celebration and exploration of the power of music to transcend barriers of language, culture, age, and race’.

Organised by Rev Douglas Bradley, Cromwell’s Presbyterian Minister, it will feature the music of Leonard Cohen, U2, Bob Dylan, Coldplay and The Beatles, as well as Josh’s original songs.

Josh Jones has an intriguing background.  He was the lead singer with his two brothers in the new punk wave band ‘The Quads’ in Birmingham, England. 

Their hit single ‘There Must Be Thousands’was one of the stand-out songs of the late 70’s.

Then, in an unlikely transition that he calls ‘Punk rock to Vicar’s frock!’, Josh became an Anglican priest.

Josh says, “If there’s one big truth that I’ve extracted from my life, it’s the necessity of living with a spirit of curiosity and wonder.  Stop seeking and we’re spiritually dying.  All my life, music has been the lens and portal through which I have explored with eyes wide open, the sacred hum of life.”

Entry is by Koha, and all proceeds of the concert will go to the Cromwell Community Foodbank.

Foodbank organiser, Adrienne Heal, is very grateful for the support, and very happy to receive both non-perishable food and cash donations as entry Koha.  Funds will be used to buy bulk supplies to fill the freezers and fill the gaps.

“It will be wonderful.  We really appreciate the generosity of the community and the church,” says Adrienne.

Where:  Cromwell Presbyterian Church
When:  Thursday, 15 July, 7.30 pm

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