Child Cancer Foundation
Hudson Meek, Bryan Ramos, Jessie Cook and Issey Colton with Lecturer Trish Wilson and Catering Student Kaitlyn McKay. Photo Jan Hawkins

The Otago Polytechnic Central Campus catering students, under the guidance of lecturer Trish Wilson, have again joined forces with the pupils of Cromwell Primary School, for the 2021 Cupcakes Day.

The Student Council has been busy all week pre-selling the goodies with lots of logistics involved in the project. 

Students were taking orders every morning and keeping records in class lists so that no student missed the opportunity of buying some of the 300 cupcakes on offer. 

Other councillors made advertisements, designed posters and displayed them around the school.

The students decide on one charity cause each year, and the 2021 beneficiary is the Child Cancer Foundation.

The school staff like that the two education sectors work together, and with the Polytechnic’s input a high standard is guaranteed.

The Polytechnic generously donate the labour and all ingredients, so that together the partnership can make a difference.

Level 3 catering student, Jennifer Clegg, says, “I think this is a really fun idea. I enjoy working with the Level 2 students, and the young pupils, and it is kind of cool that we get to contribute to the fund-raising project.”

Lecturer Trish says “We like to be involved because it is a good challenge for our students to produce this large amount, in a real-life situation and a short time frame. Students get an understanding that catering under pressure is demanding. It is a bonus that the funds are going to such a good cause, and another that we get a chance to work alongside and help a local school.”

With a final word of thanks to all the families who supported the project, the students were off to Cromwell Primary School to help deliver the amazing-looking cupcakes to classrooms.

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