Goldfields Primary School

The artistic future of Cromwell is in good hands, as displayed in the Goldfields Primary School Art Expo 2021, shown recently throughout the rooms of McNulty House.

Every child had two pieces of art framed and displayed in the exhibition.

Principal Anna Harrison says, “We have had very much an art focus at school, so we had the idea to celebrate their great art.”

She adds, “The ability to use the beautiful McNulty House for the exhibition was just amazing.”

Many of the paintings, prints and collages were illustrations of the work the students had completed in their local stories project. Others were their expressions of their own creativity.

The adult visitors were extremely impressed with the quality of the art, even from the youngest students.

The school held a special exhibition event last Thursday evening, with hour-long session times, the last session finishing at 8.30pm.

The entry fee to the adults-only sessions included refreshments, and the wine served had a special label featuring students art.

During the day, classes visited to see their work on display, and members of the public were welcomed too.

The school supplied plain black frames, and parents, family and the general public were able to buy the frames pieces for the modest cost of $10.

Students were excited to see their art displayed in an adult way.

Altogether, a great success.

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