Have your say on our waste services

The Central Otago District Council is seeking for the community feedback to help them decide what they should pick up from outside your home, and what other supporting services should be provided to help best manage your rubbish and recycling.

The council has come up with some options, so please complete the survey and spread the word. The more people who fill it in the better they can design services to meet our community’s needs.

Central Otago’s current rubbish and recycling services contract expires on 30 June 2023. Now is the time for the council to work out what changes to make to our collection services and facilities, with your input.

The council has put together all proposed changes in the ‘Have your say on our Waste Services’ document, and you can access the full document by clicking here.

The online survey will be open until the 24th of September. You can complete the online survey at: www.surveymonkey.co.nz/r/codcwasteservices

For more information, please visit Central Otago District Council website: https://www.codc.govt.nz

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