A dreary morning was the inspiration required for ten creatives to take part in a journaling workshop last Saturday that allowed texture, colour and words to spill from pages in a process known as creative journaling.

A different way to record emotion, thoughts and ideas graced page after page as each student absorbed in the workshop developed their own style, using skills taught throughout the morning by Dunedin based artist Marjolein Schaddelee and Cromwell local Hilary Jenkins.

From watercolour and acrylic paints to glue and ripped paper, no medium was out of bounds with students taking inspiration from the environment around them.

Only limited by their own minds, students delved deep into the workshop exercises relishing in the freedom a blank piece of paper and a few materials could offer.

From bubble wrap to home-made stencils, page after page came to life, each telling its own artistic story.

Partially funded by Creative Communities NZ, the Creative Journaling for life workshop encouraged participants to look at their surroundings in a more mindful manner, soaking up every detail and allowing inspiration to develop.

Both Marjolein and Hillary were passionate about sharing their own knowledge and experiences, which allowed students to relax into exercises specifically designed to inspire ideas and create flair.

Each student received a handmade journal they are now able to add to in their own time as they scour into the mindful and fascinating world of creative journaling.”

“Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating’ – John Cleese

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