Wayne Dixon
Wayne Dixon, Chairperson of the Cromwell Community Welfare Trust. Photo Jan Hawkins

It is times like lockdown when we most appreciate the caring community we live in.

Cromwell Community Welfare Trust was established in 2005 to provide support for those in need within the wider Cromwell Community, and it survives by the goodwill of a strong base of volunteers, as well as through grants and public donations.

President, Wayne Dixon, is keen to clarify to the community exactly what help is available from the trust, and how its three branches operate.

It is the umbrella charitable organisation for The Cromwell Food Bank and  the Care and Friendship Programme and it also acts as a support organisation for Meals on Wheels.

Referrals to the Food Bank are made by Social Services, budget advice agencies, health professionals and other community support organisations.

Wayne says, “Demand for Foodbank fluctuates over the year.  In busy times our volunteers can be distributing 4 or 5 food parcels a week to different individuals and families,” adding, “The community is very generous in their support of this service.”

The Trust is very appreciative of the support provided to food bank from local supermarkets, schools, churches and service organisation, as well as from individuals.

Food is donated through bins at New World and Fresh Choice, or by contacting Cromwell Community House.

Cash donations are received online, or through the donation box at New World.

Cash is used to supplement the donated food, and especially to purchase perishables.

The Care and Friendship Programme provides the opportunity for seniors to meet on a regular basis at the Catholic Church Hall in Sligo Street, to enjoy company and fellowship – not to mention lunch.

It operates every second Wednesday for 20 sessions over the year.  Transport is available if required.

Finally, Meals on Wheels provides prepared meals for the elderly, ill or disabled people who are living at home.

Meals can be provided on a short-term basis, too, through a referral or assessment by a local medical professional. The meals are delivered by local volunteers drivers who also provide regular social contact.

Wayne’s expresses the thanks of the Trust, saying,

“Trust values the contribution of the 25 or so volunteers who assist with the activities. We are particularly appreciative of the role our key co-ordinators Adrienne Heal of Foodbank, and Noeline Watson, of Meals and Wheels and Care and Friendship take in day-to-day operations.”

Anyone wishing to donate to Foodbank can do so by depositing on-line to Welfare Community Trust 02 0920 0002340 00, or through the donation box at New World.  Tac receipts are issued if name and contact details are supplied.

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