Pisa Moorings
Pisa Moorings AED Group members Jan Wilson (back), Josee McClure (left) and Sue Dunbar-Davis (right). Photo Supplied

The Pisa Moorings community is being called into action in a bid to raise enough money to maintain and replace their invaluable automated external defibrillator (AED) units.

“We are asking people to give money for something we hope they will never need but having an AED device within the Pisa community is paramount to bringing peace-of-mind for many residents who know full well if something was to go wrong, emergency services could be at least 20 minutes away, and that can all too often be too late,” explains Pisa Moorings AED Group member Sue Dunbar-Davis.

Each year defibrillators need maintenance, and this costs money,unfortunately one defibrillator was found to be faulty and needs to be replaced at a cost of $2000.

“We are asking the community to help. There are 400 homes in Pisa Moorings, if everyone could give just a little, we would be able to ensure AED devices are available and ready to go if an emergency situation arises,” explains group member Jan Wilson.

Sue and Jan along with Josee McClure have been instrumental in doing what they can to raise the funds required and are reaching out to the wider community and local businesses to help.

“We are a growing community, we welcome visitors all year long and we love where we live. We know Pisa Moorings is a caring community and being able to boast two of these devices, one outside Pisa Moorings Restaurant and the other opposite Dustin Park on Ferry Lane is something we can be proud of,” Sue adds.

As well as a fundraising effort the group have arranged for locals to attend an informational session teaching how to use an AED device as well as learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), two incredibly useful skills that everyone should learn.

The three organisers wish to sincerely thank The Moorings Restaurant and St John for helping to make this training session happen, helping with providing a place to train and giving their time to support the community.

There is also room for more volunteers and organisers, we welcome those who are interested in supporting the group with this on-going commitment.

“We have had a wonderful start to the campaign with a young local lad arriving on my doorstep within one hour of a pamphlet drop, handing over $50.00 of his own money to go toward the community project.

“It’s moments like these that truly allow us to appreciate the special place we live in,” says Josee, with Jan and Sue nodding in agreement.

Donations can be made to the Pisa Moorings AED Group bank account number 03-1355-0394891-00 or call Sue on 021 266 6009 for further information on how you can help.

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