Wig & Wacky Hair Day
Students enjoying Wig and Wacky Hair Day. Photo Supplied

Before Aotearoa New Zealand was suddenly launched into Level 4 Lockdown on 18 August, the student council at Cromwell Primary School had been busy preparing for another fundraiser to support their chosen charity for 2021.They were feeling flushed with success from their Cupcake Fundraiser, which, in partnership with Cromwell Campus of Otago Polytechnic, raised over $800 for the Child Cancer Foundation.

They had scheduled their follow-up event, Wig Wednesday, for 8 September, but lockdown restrictions meant that they were forced to postpone.

Fast forward to 15 September, with an extension to include wacky hairstyles, and the event was finally able to proceed.

Acting Principal, Danella Smallridge, says that she and the student councillors were then concerned about asking for money from their parent community at this time.

“We know that many families will have faced additional financial pressure as a result of the lockdown,” she says.

The student council decided therefore to run the Wig and Wacky Hair Day for all students and make the donations optional.

They were overwhelmed by the generosity of their school community when $543.20 was raised on the day.

The student council have rated their latest fundraising effort another huge success.

Macallister Kyle (9) says “It was great! Lots of people had wigs and wacky hair. I put my hair in lots of pigtails and put pipe cleaners in my hair.”

Bella Here (9) agrees, saying, “I think it is pretty amazing. We said you don’t have to donate and then we got over $500!”

Together, their efforts have raised well over $1300 for the Child Cancer Foundation this year.

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