CEO Delegation
Cromwell Community Board

The Cromwell Community Board last week approved Council’s Chief Executive having the delegated authority to award the Cromwell Memorial Hall/Events Centre design tender.

The architectural services request for proposal (RFP) is currently on the market with a deadline for submissions of 1st November 2021.

Once this RFP process closes, the next step in the project is to select and engage an architect to carry out design of the building.

As the tender evaluation process closes after the Cromwell Community Board’s 23 November 2021 meeting – its final meeting of the year – working in with the elected member meeting cycle would mean that no award could be made until February 2022.

To maintain project momentum and avoid unnecessary delay, it was considered essential to start the design contract prior to Christmas.

The Board delegating the authority to Council’s Chief Executive means awarding the design contract can happen as possible after the tender evaluation is complete.

The evaluation process will follow Council’s Procurement Policy and be reviewed by senior staff. The tender evaluation panel will comprise Council’s Project Manager – Property, Property Officer and an independent qualified tender evaluator, who will brief the Chief Executive. 

The Board will be kept closely informed of the progress of the tender evaluation and award process, as two members of the Board – Chair Anna Harrison and Nigel McKinlay are on the Project Advisory Group (PAG). The PAG will attend evaluation presentations and subsequent discussions. Although not voting members of the evaluation panel, through their involvement during the process, any concerns can be raised by the PAG before the end of the evaluation process on behalf of the Board.

“Nigel and I are excited to be involved with the process,” said Cromwell Community Board Chair Anna Harrison. “We are all working toward the goal of the best possible outcome for our community.”

The successful architect will lead the design phase of the project from late 2021 through to the current proposed target start date for demolition and construction of mid-2022.

Cromwell Masterplan Project Manager Darren Penketh said that while July 2022 is when the funding becomes available for construction of the hall, construction may be delayed if the design process takes longer.

“We want to make sure the best outcome for the hall can be achieved, so we will be taking the time needed to get the design right,” he said.

An External Stakeholder Group is being created for the design phase of the Cromwell Memorial Hall/Events Centre Project. Members are set to be confirmed next week.

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