Cromwell District High School
Back Row: Stuart Payne, Dunedin; Jim Roberts, Wellington; Alan Lloyd, Cromwell; Vernon Reid, Cromwell; Graham Murdoch, Cromwell; Lawrence Chapman, Roxburgh. Middle Row: Linda Dick nee Forman, Invercargill; Dale McKnight nee King, Christchurch; Helen Scholes nee Wright, Cromwell; Yvonne Hunter nee Selman, Cromwell. Front Row: Jillian Blair nee Tutty, Invercargill; Margaret Little nee Sanders, Waimate; Janice Scott nee King, Cromwell. Photo Supplied

It was the get-together that grew. Ex-pupils of the Cromwell District High School Dale Mc Knight and Trudy Frew, now living away from Cromwell, suggested to Alan Lloyd that they should have a catch-up.

Alan approached Helen Scholes, and as they both lived here, it was left to them to arrange it. Sadly, some of those approached, including Trudy, were not able to attend, due to COVID restrictions.

The concept was very informal. On Friday night the ex-pupils met at the Cromwell Town & Country Club for a social gathering.

The next morning, they hired a van and travelled around the old school bus route, stopping at points of interest along the way.

This included the Cromwell Cemetery to pay their respects to two classmates who had passed away.

“It was quite staggering for many to take in the changes that are happening so rapidly around here now,” says Alan, adding, “Sharing photos of the school days (classes and sports teams) prompted some great memories.

Cromwell is a place that people keep returning to because of the environment and family connections, so many of us have stayed reasonably well connected.

Helen has helped maintain those connections through having been in a promotional role in Cromwell during her career.”

Saturday night saw the group dining at The Black Rabbit Kitchen and Bar in Bannockburn. 

Not all attending had started their school at the District High School. Sisters Dale McKnight and Janice Scott, for example, went to Queensbury School for their primary schooling before traveling to CDHS for their secondary education. Some, like Helen’s husband Bernie Scholes, attended St John’s Cromwell for his primary school years, before moving on the District High.

Helen, who attended the District High School for all of her schooling, was well pleased with the get-together, saying, “Judging from the amount of talking and laughing that went on over the weekend, it would be fair to say that people really enjoyed their time together. We have agreed that another one in five years would be good.”

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