Pavement art
Edie & Charlotte Affleck think the new pavement art at the big fruit looks great. Photo Supplied

Connect Cromwell last week had 6 large pavement art activities installed at the Big Fruit playground.

The pavement art is to inspire young and old to jump, count, hop and dance about.

It seems that since installation, the most popular are the mirror moves and the large action path!

The mirror moves requires a “leader” to stand facing one or more people – with them copying the leader.

The large action path has many different shapes for children to name and jump on, finishing up with the hopscotch under the big fruit itself.

There is also a giant ruler to encourage children to see how far they can jump.

Children can also practice their numbers and colours as they follow the different coloured animals numbered from 1-20.

They can also practice their alphabet – following a spiral to the centre.

Take a ball along with your family as there is also 4 square to play for the older children.

Connect Cromwell’s Community Facilitator Georgie Affleck said “We are delighted to bring the engaging and educational pavement art to the community – it’s easy for all to access, it’s fun and we really hope that locals and visitors alike enjoy the new addition to the playground.

We are promoting this with the first 5 photos shared on our Facebook page will get a Subway voucher for a family to enjoy while playing at the Big Fruit.

Connect Cromwell thanks the Cromwell Community Board and the CODC for supporting this idea.

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