Repair Revolution
Andrew Tall and Carl Hunter busy repairing electrical goods. Photo Jan Hawkins

There were vacuum cleaners, jeans with worn zips and holey knees, antique clocks, broken toys and chairs and assorted clothes and electrical goods – most headed for disposal until rescued by the super-heroes of the Repair Revolution last Saturday at the Cromwell Sports Club.

The super-heroes included people from the Cromwell Menz Shed, Andrew Tall Electrical, as well as seamstresses Tess and Jenn, and ‘Zip Queen’ Kate ‘Jellyfish’ Robertson, from Stitch ‘n Time, Queenstown.

Locals were thoroughly entertained and amazed at the speed and effectiveness of the handy volunteers.

A very cheerful Kate Robertson says that it was very satisfying to show how easily a zip can be mended by adding a slider or a clip and giving new life to a favourite pair of jeans.

The event was a collaborative effort of Connect Cromwell and Alexandra Wastebusters.

George Affleck, Community Liaison for Connect Cromwell says, “We had a flurry of people, and we are heartened that they have come in today, and especially heartened by the wonderful volunteers – it is so lovely to have generous people like this in our community.”

Alexia Johnston, of Alexandra Wastebusters, agrees, adding, “We need to grow awareness of change from the whole ‘throw away’ society. We need to make companies focus on products of quality that will have longevity, and those that can be easily repaired, not just disposed of.”

The organisers intend to make the Repair Revolution opportunity an annual or bi-annual event.

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