The Workshop team (back) Luke Holden, Matt Edwards, Ila Hogg. (front) Duncan Miller, Joelene Edwards. Photo Jan Hawkins

Movember organisers encourage people to do their fundraising in a way that works for them, and Cromwell’s The Workshop Fitness Centre have taken that on board this year.

You too can donate in your own way, and to your choice of charities. The Movember fundraising is for the National Foundation, which aims to make a difference in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Alternatively, you can decide to support local, and donate to Cromwell Youth Trust, where dedicated health workers provide support and a safe environment to our young people and allow them opportunities to express themselves and to be heard without judgement.

On 23 November, one of the owners, Matt Edwards, joins his father in Balclutha and together they will walk over 170km to Cromwell, arriving on Friday 26 November. 

Waiting there for them will be The Workshop Team and enthusiastic community members who will then start on their quest to clock up 4440km in 24 hours, on the gym’s various cardio equipment. This target reflects the 444 men who lost their lives to suicide in the 2020-2021 year.

Matt says, “Our aim is to raise $2 for every km completed, so if you are interested in sponsoring The Workshop, they will give you a shout out and a huge thanks on our social media.

Also, the kms won’t do themselves, so we invite anyone to come down and jump on our machines, go for a bike, a walk or a run and donate your kms to us – see if you can get them sponsored too.”

Locals are also invited to join in on part of the walk with Matt and his dad.

While you are at The Workshop on Saturday, the Three Diamonds Barbershop will be there, ready to do cuts and trims, and donating one third of its takings to the fundraising.

Matt’s family’s business, Edwards Engineering, are a major sponsor, and The Workshop team is looking for any donations or sponsorship from the community.

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