Eade Gallery
Megan Huffadine’s Dangerous Fruit Series I. Photo Supplied

Collaborative art group Indigo is currently exhibiting at Eade Gallery, Clyde.

The eight Central Otago artists in the informal group all live in Central Otago, and their work covers a wide range of media and styles.

The artists who comprise the group are Luke Anthony, Shaun Burdon, Judy Cockeram, Rachel Hirabayashi, Megan Huffadine, Jillian Porteous, Nigel Wilson and Lynne Wilson. Their responses to our Central landscape cover physical, spiritual, historical, social and environmental factors, expressed to a greater or lesser degree in their work.

Melanie Eade, of Eade Gallery, herself an artist, is very excited to have Indigo exhibiting over the busy summer holiday season, saying,

“This is the first group solo exhibition that Eade Gallery has hosted. We represent six of the eight artists. Shaun Burdon and Judy Cockeram are the two not represented by us.”

“The diversity of styles and subject matter – from landscapes, ceramics, abstracts, stylised “Dangerous Fruits” to intricately carved native birds – creates a strong visual experience.”

Indigo artists curate and show their work in a variety of exhibition spaces.

While many of their exhibitions have been focused on Otago, they have exhibited all over the South Island. Recently Indigo exhibited in the Orion Powerhouse Gallery in Akaroa and has a show booked for 2023 with the Ashburton Art Gallery. The group aims to take their work further afield in the future.

Megan Huffadine says,

“It’s great to be able to show our work in a local gallery over the summer.”  She adds, “Installing a new show is always exciting. Members arrive with the work; we don’t know what exactly everyone is brining and then we work together to create an exhibition. It’s very satisfying to put an exhibition together and hang all the work that arrives, finding creative solutions to the space available.”

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