Pisa Mooring
Jan Wilson, Sue Dunbar Davis and Josee McClure look on as Nathaniel McCulloch proudly displays the new AED for the Pisa Moorings area. Photo Supplied

Six years ago, Sue Dunbar Davis realised that Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) were needed in the Pisa Moorings area, and the Pisa Moorings Coffee Group agreed.

Together, they raised enough money to buy one, with a cabinet, and to donate an external cabinet to each of the Tarras Store and Cromwell College, because having the defibrillators inside was not ideal if there was an emergency when the buildings were closed.

In the intervening years, the AEDs have not been maintained, and Sue, with Jan Wilson and Josee McClure went into action again. They called for donations, and they were touched that the first contribution received was from a 9-year-old boy, who gives away 50% of what he earns or saves.

With this great start, the group have managed to now have three AEDs in the Pisa Moorings area, in total, and crucially, enough money to fund maintenance for the next 5 or 6 years.

They were helped in this by a donation from the Cromwell Lakes Trust who provided half the funding for the cabinets and AED’s, through an application by Cromwell Lions on their behalf.

The CLT funding was $1240.

The new AEDs at Pisa Moorings had been positioned within easy reach of the bike trails, with clear signage on the trails.

This time round, Sue and her team have gathered the community’s help in ensuring that maintenance of the vital devices. St John’s are running ongoing introductory sessions on how to access and operate the AEDs, as well as CPR revision. Moorings Restaurant are providing the teaching space for this.

In addition, six volunteers, the majority of which are retired doctors, nurses and ambulance workers, have committed to monthly checks of the devices.

The Pisa Moorings AED Group are hugely grateful for the assistance of the local community, Stroud Homes, GJ Gardner, A1 Homes, Signbiz and Quantum Print. “It has been a tremendous community effort of donations and voluntary time,” says Sue, adding, “For me, it came from a selfish desire, really. I feel happier knowing that the AED’s are readily available and fully operational in our local community, and that people are familiar and confident in using them until professional help arrives.”

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