Back to School
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Some of you will have children who cannot wait to be back at school; others will have some anxiety. Here are some tips and ideas to make the transition easier.

Be prepared:

It may seem obvious, but make sure that you know the date that your child is due back to school. Different year groups may be required on different dates. Check websites/facebook pages for details.

Talk about it:

Talk with your child about the school term. Ask them how they are feeling, what they are looking forward to and whether they have any concerns. Be positive in your discussions.

Have uniforms and stationery ready:

Check uniforms – are they clean, do they still fit, or do you need a quick shop? Stationery lists are available on school websites and also at Paper Plus. Paper Plus also have a ‘click and collect’ service. Check that the stationery, uniform, lunchboxes and drink bottles are labelled with your child’s name. If costs are stressing you, please approach the school – they have connections to those that can help.

Adjust bedtimes and wake-up:

Your children may be used to later bedtimes and wake-up times during the holidays. Start waking them earlier from now, so that the first week back will be less of a shock to the system.

Get an early start on the first day:

Allow some extra time to allow for a good breakfast and any unforeseen issues. Packing schoolbags the night before will be a help.

School Contacts:

Goldfields Primary School
03 445 0326/445 0387;;

Cromwell Primary School
03 445 0264;;

Cromwell College
03 445 1121;;

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