Cheeki Cherries
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Cromwell’s Cheeki Cherries is opening its orchard gates (Sunday 23rd January) to locals for a day of picking for a good cause.

The delicious cherries will be shipped to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Missions to help feed those most in need.

Cheeki Cherries owner Martin Milne complimented one of his pick your own customer’s on the great job he was doing picking cherries while in his family orchard at Ripponvale Road in Cromwell.

On chatting to the customer, Martin learned that the customer, (Shannon), was a chef who worked for the Auckland City Mission and was down in the South Island on a well-deserved break.

Martin asked Shannon if they ever received cherries for the homeless and the people in need and Shannon said “there is no way we could never afford that”. By the time Shannon returned to pay for his cherries at the shop, the staff had l0kgs of cherries and l0kgs of apricots ready to catch the 4pm courier for an overnight delivery to the Auckland City Mission Cheeki Cherries does an annual charity event and this seemed like a great way to help others during these very tough COVID times.

With this in mind, on Sunday 23rd January Cheeki Cherries invite the locals to come and pick cherries and stone fruit for further donation to this very good cause. See you at Cheeki Cherries, 216 Ripponvale Road, Cromwell at 4.00 pm to lend a hand.

Bring along a picnic and have a fun family time under the fruit trees once the “mission” is completed.

Pickers can bring along a picnic to enjoy a family day out under the fruit trees.

People should head to the Cheeki Cherries Facebook event to register their attendance.

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