Lot 47
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What an AMAZING achievement by so many people and businesses within this community working alongside Cromwell Rotary and Lions Clubs to make this dream fundraising project come true.  

Doreen Evans said it was an honour and so much fun working alongside so many from this positive “can do attitude” community over the last nearly 3 years. Doreen said she nearly pulled the pin on her involvement with this project following the death of her son in November 2019. The grief sucked all her energy. Any leftover went into getting out of bed and getting through the day. She said she was pleased she hung in there as the positivity of all those who got involved with this fundraising project helped her with the healing process.  

$243,000.00 has been given to St John to fund their shortfall on the Station build. A further $250,000.00 has been tagged to assist St John and this community (see article on 12 January). The remaining $331,436.88 will be shared between Cromwell Rotary and Lions Clubs with the view of funding a major project in the community or many small projects. 

Doreen would like to say a HUGE thank you to the Rotary and Lions superheroes who gave up so much of their time over the last three years to turn the vision into reality – Craig Lunn, Paula and Richard Jackson, Syd Dyer, Grant Lunn, Paddy Breen and Glenn Vaughan. Even the superheroes had limits, so they were all pleased when Les Topping joined them as the build commenced. Without his skills, guidance, and sense of humour the build would not have gone so smoothly. Dean Affleck’s accounting experience increased the final profit when he pointed the committee in the right direction in respect to GST.

This small community punched well and truly above its weight. It just goes to show what can be achieved with the right attitude and so many doing a little bit together. Everyone involved can feel proud of what they have done for their community. When an ambulance goes by know that you have help ensure St John can continue to operate, from the new station, assisting those that are vulnerable in our community, due to illness or accident.

If you want to know anything about Lot 47 go to www.lot47.co.nz or contact Doreen on 027 277 0972 or doreen.evans@southernpeaklaw.co.nz

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