Artist Eric Schusser setting up his Aqua/ Terra exhibition at Hullabaloo Art Space. Photo Supplied

Eric Schusser is a long-term member of Hullabaloo Art Space, in Cromwell’s Heritage Precinct, but his latest exhibition, in his own words ‘represents a broadening of (his) art photography in the last few years’.

Aqua Terra includes his traditional black and white landscapes of the Lindis and Mackenzie Country area, with a particular focus on light, shadow and form.

These are juxtaposed with images of water from the North Otago Coast – images of seascapes and of moving kelp which have a mysterious quality to them.

These in turn contrast with Eric’s abstract works which evoke a sense of land, water and sky in vivid colours.

The art, which ranges in size from small to A2 paper size, are priced as unframed, but Eric can arrange framing if required.

He has been fascinated by photography since he was a wee boy, growing up in the Wellington area.  Walking with his father around the coastal areas and watching him photograph, and waiting for the right light developed, Eric learned patience as well as his father’s native German.

As Eric developed a career in Outdoor Education, he came to love the wide-open spaces of the South Island of New Zealand.

He says, “I would describe my personal style as real, authentic, project-driven photography.” He adds, “I want my viewer to make an emotional intimate connection to an image, project or photo story where something resonates with their life experience, their humanity.”

Eric has become increasingly intrigued by photo books which tell a story. He has collaborated with his wife Annemarie Hope-Cross in Still Intrusion’, which explores her journey with breast cancer, and his role as carer.

His other published book is EXTRAordinary, which tells the stories of Ambulance Officers/EMTs in New Zealand and the extraordinary work these largely volunteer people do. Both books are available at Hullabaloo Art Space.

The exhibition shows until 19 February, and Eric will be the artist on duty at the gallery on Monday 14 February, Tuesday 15 February and Friday 18 February if you would like to call in to see the exhibition and have a masked chat.

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