Do you love shopping for the fresh, unique products at the Cromwell Farmers and Craft Market on a Sunday morning?

Do you enjoy the mood-enhancing vibe as you discover what is on offer and listen to the live music? Is it a ‘must do’ for every visitor you host over the summer months?

Perhaps you may, then, consider that this would be a pleasant way for you to give back to the Cromwell community.

Jan Hopcroft, chairperson, is having to step down from the role in March, and she is looking for good people, stallholders or community members, to step up and join the organising group and/or take her place as chairperson.

“I have always done my Sunday big shop at the market, and love the fresh, wonderful products.

In these trying times, everyone has been upbeat and understanding – even improving the great vibe, I believe. It’s just a feel-good factor for a lot of people.

The beautiful location, the buildings and the live music all combine,” says Jan.

She is passionate about the market and would like to see some more stallholders on the committee, and some community members to give it a fresh set of eyes – perhaps someone with business origins, who can see the potential and ‘take it to another level’. There may also be a need for a new treasurer later this year.

Amanda Dalgliesh, site manager for the market, also has a similar role at the Wanaka weekly market. She says, “I have always had a soft spot for the Cromwell Market, for its time slot on a Sunday morning, for the great product selection and its setting.”

Jan can be messaged on the market’s Facebook Page: cromwellfarmersandcraftmarket

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