Cromwell Golf Club
Kirsten Adams about to tee off. Photo Supplied

Cromwell Golf Club members are excited to announce a great opportunity for beginning golfers, with the introduction of the Nockie’s Palette Women’s Summer Series.

The sponsored programme will run for six weeks, starting on Tuesday 15 February at 6.15pm. Participants will be given a supported move into course play after they may have had a few prior lessons.

Sessions will go for an hour, and the new golfers will move around 3-5 holes, learning about different club usage, a few match rules, scoring and golfing etiquette to gain confidence with game play.

They will be put into groups with existing club members walking alongside to assist with these goals.

Club members Laurel Brent, Joy McDonald, Raewyn Whitworth and Kirsten Adams will be on hand to organise and answer any questions about the programme.

Kirsten, herself a relatively new member, started with the ‘She Loves Golf’ programme with Willie Moore, with the aim to ‘have some idea how to swing a golf club’.

“I followed that up with taking part in this programme, and have now been playing regular ladies golf, usually twice a week, for the past year,” says Kirsten, adding, “It has been exciting to find a new sport that I really enjoy.

I enjoy being in the outdoors, and the challenge of trying to better my game each week.

Getting to know the other club members has been a bonus.”

The Golf Club is keen to make this opportunity as accessible to new golfers as possible. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Nockie’s Palette, they have been able to keep costs low at just $2 per week, which includes a glass of Nockie’s Palette Georgetown Rose at the end of each session.

The club plans a final fun evening in March, with prizes and wine tasting. Lack of equipment does not need to be a barrier, as golf clubs can be provided.

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