Art For Hearts Sake
Natalia Olssen with one of her paintings. Photo Jan Hawkins

There is an unusual art event scheduled for Friday, 22 April, at 4 Lowburn Valley Road, Cromwell.

Emerging watercolour artist Natalia Olssen and husband John Olssen are opening their beautiful home for this event, supporting the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand.

When Natalia came to Cromwell she found that ‘starting from zero’, in terms of a new country and community, was very challenging.  

“I found it a very liquid world,” she says, “and I learned that when things are uneven, you need to find the stability within yourself.”

This is when she turned seriously to watercolour, and for the last three years she has studied classic techniques, theories of colour and other formal studies.

“My art journey was to find myself, and I like it!”, she says.  

She finds joy in painting, so when people began to ask her to sell her work, she was happy to share.

Natalia will have a dozen or so or her paintings for sale at the event.

A decade has passed since John had a stroke, but his gratitude of the support given by the National Heart Foundation in his rehabilitation is still very strong.  He is taking this chance to give back. 

For this reason, works from their substantial private collection will be included in the art sale. 

They include Ralph Hotere, Graeme Sydney, Toss Wollaston, Olivia Spencer-bower, Jeffrey Harris, Geoff Thompson, and various others. The asking prices range from $600 through to $50,000.

The funds from ticket sales will go directly to the foundation, as will a commission on all sales.

Lynne Saad, Support Care Assistant, National Heart Foundation of New Zealand, says,

“Thank you both for your amazing help to raise funds that will go towards funding vital heart research and supporting our mission to stop all people in New Zealand dying prematurely from heart disease and enable people with heart disease to live full lives.” Tickets: Phone 027 491 5054, or email in advance as numbers limited.

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