Funding Clinics
Mat Begg, Grants Manager for Central Lakes Trust. Photo supplied

Community project organisers in the past have found it very convenient to attend the regular combined funding clinics normally held for Cromwell area at the Central Lakes Trust Boardroom.

However, many of those clinics were cancelled in the latter part of last year, due to COVID restrictions.

So in December 2021, a catch-up clinic clinic was trialled.  

The adaptation agreed on then was to hold the scheduled funding clinics not as drop-in sessions, but by appointment only, through an on-line booking system.

“The booking system worked really well,” says Mat Begg, Grants Manager for Central Lakes Trust, so the funders in the region have agreed that it will again be used under the red traffic light setting.

Appointments will be 15 minutes long and can be booked through the Central Lakes Trust website at

Cromwell will host the first clinic, to be held on 9 March at Central Lakes Trust.  Teams from Department of Internal Affairs, Aotearoa Gaming Trust, Central Lakes Trust, Otago Community Trust and Central Otago District Council will be available either in person or via Zoom, to help community groups that are looking for funding or have questions around the funding process.

Those wanting to attend will need to present with their ‘My Vaccine Pass’, socially distance and wear a mask.

“There will be a limit of two representatives per group,” says Mat.

“We will see how these first three clinics of the year go and take it from there.”

The second funding clinic will be held in Queenstown on 15 March at the Events Centre, and the third in Alexandra on 17 March at the Community House.

“If people are unable to meet these requirements, they can still connect with us via telephone, email or on Zoom.” says Mat, adding, “In the first instance, give us a call to discuss on 0800 00 11 37.”

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