Cromwell Rotary

The Rotary Club of Cromwell would like to say ‘thankyou’ to all those who gave generously to their appeal to raise funds to send Emergency Response Kits (ERK) to Tonga.

Rotary members took part in a collection outside Cromwell New World managing to raise money to supply one  ERK and a small start toward a second.

The remainder of funds required for the second ERK was agreed to be paid by Cromwell Rotary Club.

These kits have already been released in Tonga. ERKs are a “first response” resource kit  that can be quickly distributed to families in need.

Kits contain basic  essential items needed for survival when disaster strikes.

Items such as clothing, water, a saw, a can opener, a spade, a tarpaulin and cutlery alongside other valuable items can be readily handed out to victims in crisis situations.

They are designed to support those affected by catastrophic weather and environmental events throughout Polynesia and Malenesia.

The kits can provide basic shelter and keep families protected from the elements until further support can be reached.

Each kit costs $600 which includes the contents, freight and storage and have been very important as a means of survival for people across the Pacific.

Organiser and Rotarian Jackie Dann was pleased to see Cromwell locals giving to the cause and helping out.

“Tonga has  unfortunately experienced a volcano in January which means ERKs are being used in the region.

“Thankyou to those who gave during the collection, every little bit helps and the more ERKs we have on-hand in these  regions, the better equipped locals are if and when disaster strikes.

“With the recent volcano, we now need to replenish supplies,” she says.

Each kit is a means of survival and having supplies on the ground ready to go in vulnerable countries is paramount to people’s survival.

The kits are packed in Auckland before being shipped to Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands which allows prompt distribution throughout the regions.

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