Dropping in to free RAD
Molly Mexted learning to drop in with the help of coach Grady. Image Supplied

Is there someone in your household who would love to learn the Kickflip, the Frontside 180, the Wallride trick or even the Fakie Bigflip?

Thanks to Sports Otago and the Tu Manawa Fund, Rad NZ Skate School is able to provide the community with free ‘drop-in’ skate coaching sessions around Central Otago.

Their aim in these sessions is to break down barriers that may be preventing those who are nervous about skateboarding to give it a go.  They would love to see kids on boards and having the massive amounts of fun that skateboarding can bring.

All of their gear is provided – skateboards, helmets, and ramps, combined with coaches on hand who will be teaching the basics. 

They also provide safety guidelines and teach the etiquette of the skatepark.

Skateboarding requires mental and physical focus, respect and perseverance, and gives an opportunity for a social gathering with friends.

Anna Burgess, RAD NZ Skate School Director, says, “It went really well.

We have done a few sessions at Cromwell in the past, and the kids always have a great time.

We’ve had lots of enquiries from those wanting to have further lessons.  It is a great sport for keeping them active and fit, and we are very grateful to Sport Otago for their generous sponsorship.”

A free local session was run last Saturday, to a very happy group of learners.  

James Swain says, “I loved doing jumps and turns and basically jumping off.  It was amazing!”

Molly Mexted agrees, saying, “At first I was a bit scared to even get on a skateboard.

Now I can drop into a bowl, with the help of the amazing coach Grady.  More girls should give it a go, as I don’t know any girls that board.”

RAD will be back in Cromwell for another session on Saturday, 19 March 2-5pm.  Cromwell has a skateboard park available, so why not learn how to use it?

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