Lot 47 Funding

As you know the Cromwell Rotary and Lions Club community fundraiser, Lot 47, raised an AMAZING $824,436.88, which exceeded all expectations.

The profit has been allocated as follows:

  • $243,000.00 has been paid to Cromwell St John to reimburse their shortfall on their new Station build costs;
  • $75,000.00 will be used to purchase a new health shuttle and assist with a garage for the shuttle;
  • $15,000.00 will go towards a generator for Cromwell St John;
  • $10,000.00 will assist a Central Otago St John station buy equipment they need;
  • $40,718.44 went to Cromwell Lions Club to enable them to support the community;
  • $40,718.44 went to Cromwell Rotary Club to enable them to support the community.

3 separate funds have been created. We are seeking applications so apply now for:

$250,000.00 from Lot 47 Combined Rotary and Lions Community Fund. 

Do you need $25,000 for a community project or $250,000.00.

Applications welcome from registered charities or local community organisations within the Cromwell basin who need funding to get a community project kick started or finalised.

Application forms can be found at www.lot47.co.nz or www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/cromwell_nz or email cromwell.secretary@lionsclubs.org.nz

Applications close 31 May 2022.

$100,000.00 from the Topping Education Scholarship Fund.

This is to assist people who wish to train to be a health professional – Nurse, Doctor, Paramedic, Counsellor etc.   

$50,000.00 has been set aside so that anyone in the community can attend a health-related course, such as a first aid course. Check out www.lot47.co.nz for details of all 3 funds.

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