Members of the THETA group performing a Sexwise presentation at Cromwell College. Photo Supplied

Cromwell Youth Trust (CYT) has last week hosted the Theatre in Health Education (THETA) in providing innovative and challenging health education programme to Cromwell College students and their parents.

Over the course of three days, they delivered presentations to over 250 students.

The Theatre in Health Education Trust uses applied theatre to promote well-being, equity, self-determination and to inform and strengthen communities.

The Trust is funded by the Ministry of Health to deliver Sexwise, on the topics of sexuality and healthy relationships..

Their interactive theatre-based programmes use a combination of traditional theatre, educational drama, structured role play and decision-making activities to engage students in the exploration of issues relevant to their lives.

Parents and guardians were also given the opportunity to hear the information at a separate session, to support them to feel comfortable and confident in having important conversations with their children.

CYT Manager and Lead Youth Worker, Rhys Smith, was excited to bring Sexwise to the community, saying,

“With the support of Cromwell College and guidance counsellor Holly McDiarmid, we created a safe and supported environment to engage young people in order to spark those crucial conversations and encouraged peer-to-peer learning through an initial play presented by the Sexwise performers and then having small workshops to open positive discussions.”

CYT are proud to offer these workshops to our local youth community at no cost.

Holly says, “it was huge value for our students and teaching staff and we can’t thank Sexwise and CYT enough.”

Rhys adds,

“CYT are looking forward to having the Sexwise team return for 2023 and continue exploring important topics during our young people’s most formative years.”

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