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From left: Rebecca Naylor (putting), Jolanda Foale, Christine Galbraith, Jenna Faulkner, Brigitte Tait, Kylie O’Callaghan, Lee Li and Carolyn Murray. Photo Supplied

The Cromwell Women’s Golf Summer Series – a six-week introductory programme – has finished for now, but organisers are keen to keep up the support and encourage for the 74 beginner golfers who participated.

Organiser Kirsten Adams says, “It has been an amazing event and all the golf club members are excited to see the huge number of people interested in playing this sport.”

Kirsten is also keen to thank the club members who have given up their time to help make the event happen.

Each group of four new members were shown round the course, and the protocols around the game, by one of the experienced women players.

These members were there to support not to coach, with a focus on fun and confidence.

Many of the beginners took advantage of the opportunity to have coaching session by professional Willie Moore before their Tuesday evening golf session.

Kirsten says that thanks are also due to the Cromwell Gold Club for allowing the event to be held free of charge, and adds,

“Thank you to our fantastic sponsors, Nockie’s Palette, for the Rosē that everyone enjoyed and the final night wine tasting which was a lot of fun.”

Cromwell Golfers are keen to retain the new golfers, and have given our vouchers and concession cards to make the progression easy.

They hold 9-hole-golf on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and have also launched a new Facebook page, Cromwell Women’s Casual Golf, aimed at the Summer Series participants and anyone else who may be interested.

This is a place to post if you are looking to head out for some golf and keen for someone to join you.

From feedback, there are people interested in some Sunday golf.

One of the members has even provided golf balls for the new golfers to help themselves to, so Kristen says,

“See you on the golf course some time!”

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