Wheelie wizards Issy Colton, Indy Blackadder and Jessie Cook. Photo Jan Hawkins

A brand new, ethical business venture is gaining popularity in Pisa Moorings.  It is a great idea, it shows initiative, it helps the community and it is very well marketed and organised.  And the people behind the venture are three 10-year-old girls – well one, Jessie Cook, asks me to note that she will be 11 in 13 days.

Indy Blackadder formed the idea when talking to her grandparents.  They live in Wanaka, but have a holiday home elsewhere, and putting out and retrieving rubbish bins is a problem.  Indy thought there might be a need for a service round that at Pisa Moorings.

She discussed it with friends Jessi Cook and Issy Colton, and together they developed a plan.  The name Wheelie Wizards had a certain catchy ring to it.  Then came their slogan, Bin In, Bin Out, If you’re not about; Red, Yellow, Blue, We’ll sort it out for you.

The flyers showed their marketing skills – the Cromwell Primary School girls are dressed in matching red, yellow and blue outfits, with the corresponding bins before them. 

They say of the business plan, “It was an all-round team effort.”

They have only happy, satisfied customers to date.  Issy says, “Not everyone is the same – some want just one week, some want 5 or 10.”

Things have gone very smoothly so far.  The Pisa Moorings Facebook page posted the flyer, and it was even noticed by our Mayor, Tim Cadogan, who commented, ‘Absolutely brilliant!”.

When asked to expand on this, Tim says, “I was thrilled when I saw the girls in Pisa Moorings starting off on their enterprise.  Firstly, isn’t it just great when kids show some get-up-and-go like that, but secondly, they are really filling a niche in our communities.  Many holiday homes leave their bins out when they leave on a Sunday night, meaning they are there looking unsightly and waiting to be blown or knocked over, spreading rubbish everywhere.  This venture makes that behaviour more unacceptable, given an affordable and highly supportable option is now available”.

The expansion plan ‘after this takes off’, is to offer ‘simple things that could help people in the community, like feeding animals or watering gardens – either while they are away or because they are elderly or in need of help’.Text 028 432 7713 to book the Wheelie Wizards, with name, address, and date required

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