Cromwell Pool

The Cromwell Pool, which has been closed for a heating upgrade, is expected to re-open in time for the Term 2 school holidays on Saturday 9 July.

Central Otago District Council Parks and Recreation Manager Gordon Bailey said it was hoped the pool would be back in action on Wednesday 22 June. However, the date needed to be pushed out until 4 July, a few days before the end of Term 2. The extra time would give the team time to complete the work, he said.

“We hoped to avoid this situation by ordering the required equipment well ahead of time but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control vital equipment has yet to arrive.

“With the current situation regarding freight from other countries, we have a number of items which were due on site that are still on the water. This has had a knock-on effect to work we can carry on with because of the sequencing of the work.”

The Cromwell Pool’s LPG boiler is being replaced with a centralised water-sourced heating system that uses the town water supply as the heat source. Work began mid-April.

“We have had news from the supplier about the heat exchangers and one of the pumps, that these items are delayed and only due into Lyttleton port
(Friday 3 June), therefore we are unlikely to see them on site until Monday 13 June. With the follow-on works required after installing these items along with commissioning the system I believe we will need the minimum of an extra week to complete everything properly to have the pool up and running.”

The Term 2 holidays run from 9-24 July 2022, with Swim School start at the beginning of Term 3 Monday 25 July.

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