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Local dental therapist, Hayley James, is a lucky recipient of Cromwell Rotary and Lions Clubs’ house build fundraising project, Lot 47. The amazing profit of $824,436.88 was due to the many businesses supporting the project, including Performance Interiors, PinkFit Central Otago, Roofing Industries, Extreme Roofing, Abodo, Stractco, Putney Roofing and Metal Craft Roofing.

Hayley is studying to obtain a graduate certificate in dental therapy (advanced clinical practice). Hayley is working towards gaining the Dental Council of NZ Scope of Practice for Adult Care in Dental Therapy. This will enable Hayley to provide greater adult oral health care services in Cromwell and Alexandra. Hayley will be able to take on some of the dentists’ simple restorative treatments. This will allow improved access to oral health care at reduced cost thereby decreasing the financial burden on the patient

Vicky Topping said in the days when the Cromwell St John team were all volunteers they provided 24/7 cover for the Cromwell District. Monthly training sessions by the Alexandra paramedic was an essential part of the volunteers on-going professional development. Today having more paramedics operating from the Cromwell Station allows flexibility to better meet the needs of the community, said Vicky. However, the lack of a 24/7 service is concerning, said Doreen Evans. 

Did you know that Les Topping, who project managed the Lot 47 build, decided, after working on the dam for 10 years, to have a change of direction? He and Vicky brought a milk run – to everyone’s surprise! Yes, Les’ nick name became “Ernie” for a number of years.

Remember there is a fund available to assist anyone to attend First Aid Courses Vicky has organised Essential First Aid Courses (8 hours) to be held on 27 and  28 June, 25 and 26 July as well as First Aid Revalidation course (6 hours) on 4 July. Please contact Vicky on vickytopping@xtra.co.nz or 021 328 991. Alternatively, call Doreen Evans on 027 277 0972 or email doreen.evans@southernpeaklaw.co.nz

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