Cromwell College senior students will be dressed to the nines this Saturday as they attend the annual school formal in Pisa Moorings.

Fire and Ice is this year’s theme and students are looking forward to the upcoming evening out alongside school mates.

A dinner will be served once guests have arrived in their chosen mode of transport, greeted by junior students helping to make the night a special one for their senior students.

As guests arrive, proud parents have the opportunity to glimpse their children as they make their entrance.

Hair, make-up, tanning and toning will be well on the agenda come Saturday with beauty therapists and hairdressers fully booked before the big event.

For some, this will be their first year attending, while others will make this their final formal evening with school mates.

A “Glow in the Dark” themed after party is planned later in the evening and will be held in the Cromwell speedway.

A big night is planned for all, from teachers and parents through to students and their partners, the school formal is always a night to be remembered.

Whether taking the date of your dreams, or your brother’s mate, this year will be no exception.

We wish all year 11, 12 and 13 students a wonderful evening and look forward to seeing the latest in formal attire, hair and make-up trends.

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