Cromwell Community House
Getting outdoors to celebrate our return to Delta Level 2 and Spring, WellSouth colleagues Sally Blackler and Jo O’Connor “take time to korero” over a cuppa. In line with this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week Theme “Take time to korero - mā te korero, ka ora”. Photo Supplied

A little chat can go a long way – it sure can, say some local WellSouth team members Sally Blackler, Cromwell Community House based Mental Health Practitioner with the Brief Intervention Service, Jo O’Connor Health Promoter and newly appointed Claire O’Neill Health Improvement Practitioner based at Junction Health.

Taking time to connect with people and chat is more important now than ever before.

People are feeling a range of emotions and that is perfectly normal.

The little everyday conversations we have are surprisingly important. Over time, small chats can create meaningful connections, help us understand each other’s perspectives and ensure we have people we can count on when times are tough.

Everyone has mental health, and everyone goes through hard times, and sometimes your mental health and wellbeing might not feel as good as you’d like it to.

What if you are awake during the night? Worried about yourself or a friend?  1737 is available 24 hours. Calls and texts are answered by a trained counsellor. Remember your GP and Medical Centre team are available. The WellSouth Brief Intervention Service provides short term mental health support for the over 20s.

If you aren’t able to function at your best because of stress, anxiety, depression or concerns about alcohol and drugs your GP or Practice Nurse can refer you for up to 5 free sessions.

Mental health is just like our physical health – little changes can reap big rewards. It’s something that takes a little bit of work.

Simple proven strategies to help us all are being highlighted during Mental Health Awareness Week – The 5 Ways to Wellbeing, Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice and Give.

We encourage you to check out Te Whare Tapa Whã and the Five Ways to Wellbeing, Apps and online learning and more at Mental Health Foundation website.

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