Wool Crafters
Cromwell Wool Crafter Group members Josee McClure and Sue Dunbar-Davis proudly display the blanket created for Operation Cover-up. Photo Supplied

Knitting needles have been working flat sticks over the winter months with members of the Cromwell Wool Crafters Group having created an awe-inspiring hexagonal blanket with each stitch coming together magically to help warm the bodies and hearts of those most in need overseas.

One hundred brilliantly coloured hexagons have been knitted and stitched together making the blanket ooze comfort and coziness all wrapped in a feel-good vibe.

The blanket has been created to sell, with the proceeds going to the charity organisation Operation Cover-Up.

Each year Operation Cover-Up sends blankets and warm clothing around the world where the climates can reach very low temperatures and people are needing help to brave the cold conditions.

Made from 4 ply sock wool, the blanket is a work of art and a labour of love.

Wool Crafters Group members Josee McClure and Sue Dunbar-Davis said “The blanket was a collaboration between the group and feels luxurious.

It’s truly a delight to see the finished product, many hours were spent knitting and sewing the blanket together, it’s something as a group we can be very proud of,” Josee says.

A perfect blanket for snuggling up and reading a book or throwing over the back of a chair, it’s just beautiful,” Sue adds.

The Cromwell Wool Crafters hexagon blanket will be sold via TradeMe with proceeds going toward shipping costs helping to send more blankets to those in need.

New Zealand sends two containers to Eastern Europe each year through Operation Cover-Up, filled with blankets, clothes and toys to comfort and aid orphans and those most vulnerable during the bitter winters.

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