Kiwi Water Park settled in its new home
The new Splash Park area. Photo Supplied

Lake Dunstan’s Kiwi Water Park has doubled in size for its second season, and has settled into its new location, just 300 metres south of the original site.

In fact, parking space has not changed, requiring a walk along the lake to the new site.

The inflatable water park is the largest in New Zealand, and one of the largest in the world. 

Besides the larger main park, and several other new floating challenges for customers, there is available this season the Splash Park, which is a safe and less expensive option for children 6 years and under.

Owner Emily Rutherford says of the Splash Park,

“It has proven to be more popular than we thought, and for a wider group.

Six and seven year old children who plan to be on the larger area, often decide to opt for the Splash Park, at least at first.

It is also used by children with disabilities. Really, it is just a safe, chill-out area.

It is not a money-maker, as it needs to be cleaned daily, but it gives the younger family members a place of their own, and keeps the whole family entertained and happy.”

Under covid restrictions this year, vaccine passports are required for customers over 12.5 years old, even though the park is an outdoors, spread out area.

Also required this year are grip socks, because the obstacles are wet and slippery.

These can be bought at the Park for $6 a pair, cash only, and are then taken home.

Everyone is provided with a life vest, and there are guards on duty, but customers all need to be capable swimmers, and those under 9 years old must be with a responsible adult.

In its first year, the park attracted 14,000 customers, and this years numbers are expected to be much higher.

However, Emily is reluctant to predict at this stage.

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