Henry Johnson Yr 7 Cromwell College, Sophia Kimpton Yr 6 Cromwell Primary, Karen Palmer Cromwell Community House, Andrew Ede, teacher Cromwell Primary School looking to the future Photo Supplied

Cromwell Community House are asking for locals’ help to revamp the Community Pantry, after it was destroyed by fire in January.

Cromwell Community House exists to foster community and social development by empowering individuals and groups through advice, support and resources.  One of their services is the community food bank.

The original pantry was enlarged, relocated and updated late last year at the initiative of two Cromwell Primary School students, Henry Johnson and Sophie Kimpton.  They understood that there are people in our community who do not always have enough to eat. The pantry was there for everyone to give or take food and was very well utilised.

They gained the help of their teacher, Andrew Ede, and the support of the MENZ Shed, Guthrie Bowron who supplied the paint, and funding successfully applied for to Connect Cromwell Winning Ideas.

The location, in the alleyway behind Cromwell Community House, has been selected because it offers privacy and shelter.

All involved were devastated at the destruction in January, and are very keen to see the pantry re-established.  The intention now is for it to be a more permanent, low-maintenance structure.

Cromwell Community House is asking locals for any ideas for designs, supply of materials and labour.

If you can help out please contact Karen or Beth cromwellcommunityhouse@gmail.com or 
Andrew edeandrew@hotmail.com

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