Secret Santa

The 2021 Christmas season is upon us, Christmas trees are going up, families are making plans and present ideas are circulating.

It’s been another tough year for many in Cromwell and Secret Santa says, “This year is perhaps the year we are seeing those who generously give each year, needing a little cheer themselves.

“The message is for us all to come together as a community and support each other to ensure a great Christmas for us all.”

Cromwell’s ‘Secret Santa’ and ‘Trees of Giving’ have brought smiles across the community for 17 years and this year, like last, is challenging. Santa’s helpers are busy pulling a list together of those in the community who deserve a little extra thought and care, and encourage everyone to think about what they can do to help spread some good cheer.

November has rolled around quickly and the ‘Secret Santa’ elve’s really want to stipulate the importance of community support and how we can come together to look after each other.

“Placing an unwrapped gift under a ‘Tree of Giving’ is a great way to help. “If shopping is not your style, drop a gift voucher under a tree,” says organiser Julie Moreton.

In big demand are gifts for adults, teenagers and pre-teens.

There is an amicable amount of gifts for children up to ten years old, but gifts for older children and adults can be a little more difficult.

“Our aim is to help make everyone’s Christmas special, it’s an opportunity to let people know they have friends that care in the community,” she adds.

Drop an unwrapped gift into On Point Windscreen-Glass-Tinting on Chardonnay Street, ANZ Bank or Paper Plus Cromwell in The Mall.

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