Cromwell athletics
Kim Clearwater with an enthusiastic group of future athletes. Photo Jan Hawkins

It was ‘Get Set Go – Run, Jump, Throw’ in the Cromwell College Auditorium last Sunday, when Year 1-8 students were given the chance to try their skills at athletics activities.

The open day was organised by Sport Central’s Jo Knight, in the hope that a regular athletics club can be established for Cromwell youth.

The wet day was not ideal for an open day, so it was moved inside.

This did not dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic young people in the auditorium, who were having great fun participating in the activities provided by coaches Kim Clearwater and Andrew Ede.

Despite the weather, Jo says, “The day has been a great success, with a really good turnout.

It is so exciting to see everyone enjoying themselves while they learn new skills.”

She is a firm believer that athletics training is a great base for any sport, with a strong crossover to other sports.

It is also a really fun sport in itself, with lots of opportunities across Otago.

Covid 19 has, of course, affected school athletics this year.

Triathlon and cross-country zone events could not go ahead, though fortunately the Athletics Days themselves happened early in Term 1, before lockdowns.

The open day was organised after Andrew had been approached by various people floating the wish for a Cromwell Athletics Club. As Jo says, “We decided that now’s the time.” Encouraged by the support of the open day, they hope to have a training day before Christmas, and then to hold a regular weekly club session when school returns in 2022.

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