Operation Cromwell Harvest

The Operation Cromwell Harvest Project will continue again for the 2021/22 season.

The aim of the project is to welcome the seasonal workers into our area in a way that connects them to the community and supports our industry.

The project received positive feedback from workers, growers and the community and has taken on the recommendations from last year.

The focus points of this year’s project are:

  • Effective communication with workers and growers
  • Discount Crew Cards
  • Community events and worker focused social and sporting events
  • Wellness info packages and posters
  • Accommodation support

Do you have a space that could be offered for short term rental? Yes – then there is an opportunity waiting for you.

People that move around the country to share their skills for finite periods of time need accommodation for the time they are here.

The Workforce Accommodation Network (dubbed The WAN) has been created to connect seasonal workers, those engaged and verified by local businesses they work for, to find accommodation that’s right for them. The WAN is working with local orchards and SSCO to connect harvest workers coming to the region to safe, secure and affordable accommodation.

We know from experience that without affordable accommodation workers don’t come. Without workers, businesses suffer and without businesses, local economies don’t thrive.

If you have a spare space (e.g. a room, sleepout, secondary dwelling or even a holiday home), then register and list your space at www.thewan.co.nz (It’s free).

If you are a business with flexible workforce requirements, and want to help your workforce access accommodation for the time they are working for you, then contact: carmen@thewan.co.nz

By reducing the barrier to affordable accommodation, The WAN aims to help businesses attract and retain their mobile workforce and simultaneously create sustainable communities. Connect Cromwell, Cromwell Community House, Summerfruit NZ, Sport Central, CODC – Welcoming Communities and The WAN are proud to be part of Operation Cromwell Harvest.

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